PE Grant


The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games gave us an opportunity to inspire the nation to enjoy sport. The government is determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the games, and to develop children’s enjoyment of sport and physical activity from an early age.


Sport should be an important part of any school. Great schools have long known that sporting excellence and participation, alongside strong cultural opportunities, go hand in hand with high academic standards.


Schools, teachers and sporting bodies all agree that particular support is required for primary schools. As a result the Prime Minister has announced £300m funding over 2 years for primary school PE and sport.


The school has decided to use this money to purchase a SMOOGA to allow children to be more active during play and lunchtimes and increase our sports provision.  Training is also being given to teachers to develop PE within the school.  Below is a document showing how we are spending the fudning.


We expect the impact on the children to be positive, encouraging the children to try new sports and develop a healthy lifestyle.


We also want this funding to have a long term, sustainable impact on children at our school. In light of this we have chosen to spend some of our money on staff training which has been cascaded amongst staff. We have also purchase the SMOOGA which will last for a long time. We are also saving some of our money and applying for an additional charitable grant in order to create an additional sports space. This will allow children to be more active during the winter months and will allow for greater sporting activities.


Last year our sports grant was £9,296 and so far this year we have received £3,871.

Click on the link to read more detail about how we have spent our sports grant:

Park Hill Sports Grant