Children’s learning in different subjects is linked through a topic which will often last for 5-6 weeks. The topics enable staff to teach in a more creative and cross curricular way whilst retaining the integrity of a science lesson, history lesson etc. Each topic focuses on one or two subjects as the main drivers and usually includes a visit out or a visitor into school, or both.


Parents can find out more about the curriculum we are following by attending parent partnership meetings; reading the curriculum information sheets which are sent home half termly and are also on this website or talking with their child's class teacher.


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A list of the topics is given below together with the subject focus.


Year 3 topics:  Bright Sparks (Science and DT focus), The Ancient Egyptians (History), Lets go on an adventure (Geography and History), Rocks and Fossils, Are plants important? (Science), Counties (Geography)


Year 4 topics: Audio Visual (Science), The Roman Invasion of Britain? (History ),  Our Inner Space (science), Germany (Geography), Saxons and Vikings (History)


Year 5 topics: Mysterious materials (Science), Invasion! (History), Fairgrounds (DT and Science), Out local area (Science), America? (Geography)


Year 6 topics: Out of This World (Science), The History of Theatre (History), Why do some creatures no longer exist? (Science and Geography), The Ancient Greeks (History), Changing Coasts (Geography), Mini-Enterprise (DT)


The cross curricular topic based approach follows on from that experienced at Thorns Infant School.


Children have daily English and Maths lessons and regular guided reading sessions. These lessons are linked to the overall topic theme as and when appropriate. Children are taught reading everyday through daily English lessons, guided reading sessions, daily story times and phonics where appropriate. 


Parents can find out further information about the curriculum by reading the half-termly topic knowledge organiser. These are sent home each half term and are also provided on our website to give further detail about each unit of work. There are also chances for parents to find out more about the curriculum through open evenings, parent partnership meetings and by joining us on special curriculum days. Teachers will also be happy to answer any further questions about the curriculum.


Core Learning Skills


These skills are fundamental to learning and performance in education, work and life. They are universal.


This element of the Park Hill curriculum supports children in developing these key skills through a series of units which each last for half a term. The whole school focuses on the same unit at any one time and thus areas are revisited each year.


Core learning skills covered are:


·         Learning with others


·         Digital citizenship


·         Metacognition


Core learning skills build on those begun at Thorns.


Children also learn Philosophy 4 Children and each class runs philosophy circles where children can demonstrate and improve speaking, listening and thinking skills.



Religious Education Curriculum:


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Reading and Phonics


The school has a wide range of reading books drawn from a number of different published reading schemes and also some story books. The books are sorted into a colour banding system according to text difficulty. Children are able to select their own book from within the colour band and are encouraged to choose a range of different types of books: narrative, poetry, non-fiction or plays.  Children can also choose a library book to take home each week.


Children are able to change their books when they have finished them.  The school asks parents to record any reading in the home school diary which is sent home with reading books.  Parents should be hearing children read or discussing reading with children at least three times a week.


Children continue with phonics following the Little Wandle scheme if needed.




Children have two weekly PE lessons taught by their class teachers.  There are also a number of extra-curricular sports clubs which take place during the year.




Children in Year 3 all learn to play an instrument through the County's Wider Opportunities scheme and this is taught weekly for half the year. 


We are also able to offer instrument tuition to children in Years 4, 5 and 6. These lessons are charged for but financial support is available to families entitled to Free School Meals through the pupil premium.


Children who have begun to learn to play the violin whilst at Thorns are able to continue their lessons in Year 3 with the same music teacher.


Curriculum Information


Please click on the links to learn more about the national  curriculum for each year group:


Curriculum Subjects KS2


English Curriculum KS2


Maths Curriculum KS2


Science Curriculum KS2


Calculation Policy

Mental Arithmetic Parent Handout

 Download  the documents below to see the Park Hill Curriculum Plans for each term:

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