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The Curriculum

At the Park Hill Thorns Primary Federation, Kenilworth, we aim to ensure that the school provides the optimum primary education for every child through a curriculum which makes it possible for all pupils to participate. Continuous assessment of children’s progress is built into the planning and records of this are stored and updated. The primary curriculum is concerned with developing knowledge, skills, attitudes and concepts. The primary curriculum needs to be broad, balanced and relevant to the life of each child within the federation.

Children receive daily teaching in English and Maths.  Please find more information in the English and Maths sections. The Park Hill Thorns Federation primary curriculum consists of all learning and other experiences that we plan for our pupils this includes all the activities within the school day; a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities and the relationships and values that lead to children’s personal development.

In our primary curriculum, the teaching of Foundation subjects (and Science) at Park Hill is broadly topic based. Key subjects are selected for each topic which drive the learning. These are typically a combination of Science, History, Art, Design Technology or Geography. Other foundation subjects are taught regularly throughout the year as discrete standalone subjects ensuring the integrity of each subject is maintained. This includes Computing, Music, PE and PSHE. Most topics are bookended with exciting events such as trips, in school visitors, speaking presentations or workshops. The end point is also planned (and often planned with learners) and is a way of demonstrating the learning which has taken place. All subjects are well planned and sequenced to ensure that learning is secured and built upon in subsequent years.