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Year 5

Classes and Staff

Shakespeare Class (Miss Leatherland)

Eliot Class (Mrs Peterson)

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sudiwala, Mrs Van Oorschot Miss Meyers and Mr Checkley

What to expect

In Year 5, children start with a topic all about materials. This has a science focus and children look at the properties of materials and changes of state. They finish this learning by looking at the properties of glass, visiting Coventry Cathedral and designing their own stained glass windows. This leads into the second topic where children take an enquiry approach into the history of the Battle of Britain. Through studying pictorial and written sources, children investigate why winning this battle was so important. For their third topic, children take this further and look at an invasion of Britain that was successful - the Norman conquests and, in particular, the Battle of Hastings. This allows children to compare and contrast the two invasions and to consider the ramifications of major events in our history. 

The next topic is Fairgrounds - this is a DT and Science unit which begins with children learning all about forces and end with them creating their own fairground rides. In the summer term children focus on our local area - comparing the lifecycles of different living things and taking part in geography fieldwork. They also take part in a three-day residential to Kingswood in Staffordshire where they can have lots fo fun trying out adventurous activities. Finally, children have the topic of America. This is a Geography and Art based topic where children study the human and physical features of the country and some of its most famous artists.