Extra Curricular Activities


Our school is able to offer a range of extra curricular activities, lunchtime and after school clubs and instrument tuition.


After school clubs are led by school staff and through external providers. Children also lead extra curricular activities by offering lunchtime clubs to their peers. Our current extra curricular activities include; Glee Club, Ricky's Dance Club, Mad Science, Imagineering, Creative Crafts, and Football.  Activities on offer vary through the year, some are available to all children whilst others are for specific groups. See the calendar for further details of current provision. There is a charge for some after school activities.


Musical instrument tuition is available during the school day and is provided by specialist music teachers. Children in school are currently learning to play keyboard, violin, guitar and woodwind instruments.


Children entitled to Free School Meals, who receive pupil premium, can access the extra curricular actives free of charge. Please call into the office for more details.