There are lots of ways you can help fundraise for our PTA. Please take a look at our links below and also see our upcoming events page.

New & Used Uniform

Support your PTA by purchasing new or used uniform through us.    Read more ...



My Nametags

Label your clothing and equipment and raise money for our PTA in the process.    Read more ...


Gift Match

Does your company operate a Gift Match Scheme?   Read more ...


We have had great success in using Doodle Polls to recruit helpers for events.

Simply sign up to our emails using the PTA Contacts form on the left and you will receive a link to the events we need volunteers for.

There is a brief description of the type of help required and time slots to sign up to, simply put in your name and check against the time you can help and we will be in touch. As it’s in spreadsheet format you are also able to see who else has offered help and at what time - really helpful if you need to arrange childcare cover with a friend. Using this format you are only committing to a specific time that suits you.


  Recent Events

  Here are some of the events we held during 2017/2018.


  • Children's Bingo night
  • Parent's Night In Quiz
  • Christmas Fair
  • Christmas Disco
  • Beetle Drive
  • Mother's Day Gift Shop
  • Easter Hamper Raffle
  • Movie Night
  • Summer Disco
  • Bingo
  • Father's Day Gift Shop
  • Summer Fair